Only You, Candye

"It is not my fault that the sound man didn't even show up until after 11 p.m.," says Candye Kane in an e-mail to fans titled "Tio Leos Controversy," referencing a September 9 show. Phat Man Dee (a plus-sized woman with a bassist) and the burlesque review Fat Bottom Girls opened for Kane, who says "My sister performers were heckled and treated rudely."

At least one person e-mailed Tio Leos manager Rod Guidi to complain about the openers. That e-mail complaint reads in part, "I heard from the door man that some people wanted their money back.... The Fat Bottom Girls were disgusting fat pigs in lingerie dancing around and one was a Transvestite Man with tits and he had his dick taped down inside his panties!" The burlesque troupe is all-female.

"Maybe if the girls had been thin," says Kane, "the person who wrote the mail wouldn't have been so mad."

In an e-mail to Kane, Guidi said he's heard from several "pissed off patrons! The bottom line is, I have heard this before, people want to see you, only you. Every time you play I get complaints about the other band and why don't you go on earlier, etc. This time we had some added drama, but the facts remain the same...if the other group has a draw, then that's a different story, but they don't!" Kane says that when she returns to Tio Leos in January she'll be "alone with just my band."

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