He Wasn't About Money

Promoter David Raynes, who recently brought live bands back to the Royal Palace in El Cajon, died September 19. "They found him Monday morning in bed," says Eric Dogol of Society's Victim. "He's been sick for a long time. He had a lot of stomach problems."

Raynes, 34, leaves behind two children and another child due in February.

Under the banner MFH (Medicine for the Head), Raynes organized shows at the Playhouse on El Cajon Boulevard, Brick by Brick, the Jumping Turtle in San Marcos, and at VFW halls in Lakeside and Santee.

"A lot of the shows he would throw he lost money on," says Johnny Randleas of Blindheim. "He wasn't about money. He wanted to promote music he enjoyed -- punk and metal. The bottom line is, it was hard to find anyone that didn't like Dave."

Raynes organized last Sunday's 11-band fundraiser at the Royal Palace to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. The bands agreed that half of the funds should go to Raynes's family to help defray funeral expenses. Another benefit is being organized to set up a foundation for Raynes's children. The date of that show, at Brick by Brick, has yet to be announced.

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