Cauliflower Blows

When the Foo Fighters play Cox Arena Tuesday, September 27, they request that "if for some reason purchaser [promoter] actually promoted the show with a real live ad campaign and accompanying cool posters or lithos, please have twenty-five set aside for the artist's touring party." The band's hospitality rider is preceded by the instruction "please do not surreptitiously hack through things to save a buck...the first four items are non-negotiable and must be provided." Those items are 36 one-liter bottles of Volvic water ("chilled on ice"), four pairs of white tube socks ("U.S. size 10--13"), four pairs of medium boxer shorts, and six boxes of Marlboro reds ("If you choose to take some moral stance...remember, you are promoting concerts, not saving whales"). They'd also like a box of cereal ("Honeycombs, Lucky Charms [or] Froot Loops"), two cartons of rice or soy milk ("Edensoy"), a bottle of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, a vegetable tray with hummus and pita bread ("remember, cauliflower blows"), and a cheese tray ("Dave [Grohl] loves stinky cheeses"). From www.smokinggun.com and entertainment-law-attorney.com

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