DJs to Rule World

"They killed it all," says Loss of Control singer Jason Lee about the elimination of live music at the Vista Entertainment Center. "The general manager stood up for us, then they said to him, 'Okay, you're gone too.' " Lee's band had a gig at the venue -- which includes a bowling alley, sports bar, and laser-tag arena -- for three years.

"Our last show was August 20. They figured it was cheaper to pay one guy [a DJ] instead of four [band members].... The place was always packed. I used to dance on the tables. There is now no place to go in Vista unless you want to go to Smitty's and sing karaoke."

Loss of Control played the downstairs bar, which hosted live bands on weekends. Locals Purple Haze and Slingshot and tribute bands the Iron Maidens and Pain Killer (covering Judas Priest) performed there. An upstairs room was often rented out for young bands to play for all ages. Lee, 35, says the loss of all-age shows will hurt Vista.

"There's no place for kids to go. No wonder why you hear about so much crime and gangs in Vista."

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