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"Fundamentalist Muslims are manifesting what they believe today. Their mission is to change the world so that it is under their control. If you don't agree with them, they will kill you. They don't value or respect other people's lives or even their own lives. They will have no mercy. Americans may want to be tolerant, peaceful and loving, but [Fundamentalist] Muslims will get rid of [these Americans] because they are not following their teachings. They want to change the lifestyle of everyone to the way things were 1000 years ago. The culture, customs, and dress will return to the Stone Age. These Muslims undermine women, who are considered second-class citizens. These Muslims want to tell you what to wear, eat, and how you live. If a person doesn't go by their rules, they are justified in their killing of you," said Getachew (Gary) Wymedihin, chairman of the board at Salvation Gate Ministry. Salvation Gate Ministry is a group of San Diego-based Ethiopians whose stated mission is to bring the revelation of God and His kingdom to Islamic regions. Fundamentalist Muslims have targeted Africa as a continent to Islamize as part of their growth strategy. "Ethiopia is being targeted by Muslims. Muslims believe if Ethiopia is converted, Islam will spread through all of Africa," said Henock Menebo, the founder of Salvation Gate Ministry. Menebo said this is based on a plan that Muslims devised and taught at a 1989 conference in Nigeria. "There are three reasons Ethiopia is central to their plans," said Menebo. "First, it is the capital city of the African nations, with ambassadors from every African country present there. Second, Ethiopia has the second largest number of ambassadors, second only to New York. Third, the Ethiopian city of Harer is considered the fifth holiest place, according to Islam."

Based on the 1989 plan to Islamize Africa, Muslims have built numerous mosques and opened schools for the poor people in Ethiopia. "Muslims fund the building of a mosque wherever there are 50 Muslims," said Menebo. Menebo estimates that the number of mosques has grown from several hundred to between 15,000 and 20,000. He said these mosques are often funded by money from Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia. "As part of their conversion strategy, Muslim men will marry five to six non-Muslim women. They will also use the women to have children and convert the children to Islam. They recently opened a boarding school in a poor Christian area for 5000 kids. The children are removed from their parents and are trained in Islam. For poor people, this is their child's only option for education." Menebo said Christians are not able to compete with the Muslims because the Muslims have more money.

"Muslims are pouring money into these shelters and schools for poor African children. These children are then converted and brainwashed to Islam. The outcome is a generation of people ready to die for their cause," said Wymedihin. "We will see many more waves of children who have grown up ready to blow themselves up and others to advance their cause. It is very hard for Americans to understand the situation that is happening in the world today because they are isolated from the hardships the world faces. Americans approach the world's problems from a perspective that values life, freedom, and communication. But to address these real world challenges, we need to understand the rest of the world. We need to wake up and see what is happening. Even moderate Islam is not acceptable to the fundamentalist." Wymedihin believes the only way to stop these actions is the conversion of Muslims to Christianity.

Menebo said Christian evangelists have posed as Muslims, attended mosques in order to convert Muslims. "There are hundreds of Christians doing this, but [the Muslims] do not know who they are or their purpose of evangelism," said Menebo. "Using this method of evangelism, several Muslims have converted to Christianity." Menebo said this method is necessary because their life would be threatened if Christians openly preached to Muslims. "In Alaba, a city dominated by 99.9 percent Muslims, you can't preach the gospel there or you would be killed or seriously hurt," said Menebo. "There is tremendous persecution of non-Muslims from believers of Islam." Menebo said his contacts have heard rumors that al--Qaeda plans to open a terrorism school in Ethiopia. "Ethiopian Muslims went to Pakistan and Afghanistan to learn how to open terrorism schools," said Menebo. Menebo believes it is inevitable that these Muslims will attempt to attack America.

Menebo plans to return to Ethiopia to convert Muslims to Christianity. Menebo said on his last mission trip, 97 Muslims converted to Christ in the six months he was in Ethiopia. "Muslims believe in the Koran, which is not right. They say it came to Mohammed from God, but he was not a real prophet from God. They claim it is true, but the truth is only in the Bible, which was inspired by God. Islam denies that Jesus is the only savior. They do not believe he died and resurrected for our sins so that we can be reconciled with God," said Menebo. "Most of our conversions are in small cities and rural villages. Ethiopia was once considered a Christian country but now it has become an Islamic country. This bothers me. I came to San Diego to introduce the Salvation Gate Ministry and to raise finances." Menebo drives a taxi to earn money but seeks to raise support from American churches to fund his ministry.

  • Denomination: non-denominational
  • Address: P.O. Box 161156, San Diego, 619-528-1734
  • Founded locally: 2004
  • Senior pastor: Henock T. Menebo
  • Congregation size: n/a
  • Staff size: 6
  • Sunday school enrollment: n/a
  • Annual budget: $43,480
  • Weekly giving: n/a
  • Singles program: n/a
  • Dress: n/a
  • Diversity: Ethiopians
  • Sunday worship: n/a
  • Length of reviewed service: n/a
  • Website: http://www.salvationgateministry.org

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