What...No Pampers for Fergie?

When the Black Eyed Peas play Cox Arena tonight, they request the purchaser/promoter "provide at his/her expense an experienced, professional, English speaking, sober monitor engineer" (with "sober" underlined) as well as a "first class lighting system." Their catering rider requests two pizzas ("one pepperoni, one vegetarian"), fried chicken ("assorted pieces"), bagels and cream cheese, some donuts, and two pounds of assorted nuts ("especially cashews, pistachios").

Before Sheryl Crow plays Copley Symphony Hall on Monday, October 24, she expects her dressing room to have a bowl of tuna salad ("include red onions"), a bowl of candy ("chocolate bars, etc."), a large pack of pretzels, four packs of chewing gum, eight pairs of black 100-percent cotton socks, a pack of Marlboro Lights, and a packet of dissolving vitamins ("C or B12"). She wants a bottle of "good Australian Cabernet" wine, a bottle of "good Merlot," and, since it's Monday, a bottle of Makers Mark Bourbon. (If Crow's concert falls on a Tuesday, it's gin; Wednesdays, Courvoisier brandy; Thursdays, Champagne; Fridays and Sundays call for a bottle of tequila and margarita mix; Saturday gigs require a bottle of Absolut Vodka and a carton of orange juice.) (from www.entertainment-lawattorney.com)

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Crow must be learning from madonna about the B12.Funny that it takes Madonna to bring attention to a vitamin that works wonders. Why are we not told this in life, school or by our doctors. B12 is a prescription in the US and expensive, thats right a vitamin is a prescription!!! That's just wrong.

But not in Canada and cheap, that’s where I get it from and a lot cheaper, pills don't work that great, injections are best. Not all B12 is created equal, so beware; you want to use CYANOCOBALAMIN INJECTION USP in 1000mcg version.

Buy it in 30ml bottles for best value, keep it at room temperature and away from light, so keep it in the little box it comes in. Usually the product has a year shelf life.

I will share a link from the best place me and my clients have gotten it from and it is on line http://www.b12-shot.com I normally don't share links but this is going into your body so get it from a good place, Canada has the highest quality stuff out there and I have used this place numerous times myself, always was a fresh batch with long expire date.

B12 great for energy, weight loss, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle ache,MS,AIDS and a must for non or low meat eaters.Vitamin B-12 is an important vitamin that you usually get from your food. It is mainly found in meat and dairy products. Vitamin B-12 helps make red blood cells and keeps your nervous system working properly.

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