Thanks, Internet

Chris Henry, a talent buyer at the Zombie Lounge on El Cajon Boulevard, says the club books bands found on almost exclusively.

"That's how we hooked up with the Angry Amputees and the Mojo Apostles from San Francisco and Three Bad Jacks and the Rocketz from L.A. Scott Biram is a one-man band from Austin; he found us through myspace."

Henry, who plays guitar in his country-punk band the Screamin YeeHaws, says, "We used to book four tours up the West Coast and two through the Southwest. People who found us through myspace got us numbers and contacts of the clubs in their town.... People are e-mailing us all the time to tour the Midwest and East Coast. We just haven't found the money to make the trips....

"We would love to have an agent so we wouldn't have to do this anymore," Henry admits. "It does take time. You have to wait for responses."

The Screamin YeeHaws appear October 14 with the Mexico City Rollers at the Ken Club.

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