No Joke

"Most people laugh at me," says Miz Liberty, a Jewish rapper from Rancho Santa Fe. "But once they hear me, then they stop laughing." Born Stacy Goldstein, Miz Liberty says she loves competitions.

"I love black guys who want to challenge me to a battle, thinking they are getting it easy. They are, like, 'This is a joke. You got me battling a white girl?'... [Onstage] they are, like, 'Get on your knees, that's where you belong' or 'Go in the kitchen and cook me some food.' These are guys who are all hip-hopped out with their gold teeth and everything. I get up there and rip them to shreds in my high heels. I'm what they fear most: getting beat by a girl."

A rapper since the fourth grade, Miz Liberty has a double-major degree in communications and sociology from CSU San Marcos. She works part-time as a lacrosse coach and tutor. She started rapping locally at Claire de Lune and Twiggs. For her live dates, Miz Liberty is backed by a DJ and band. She appears November 19 at the Blvd. in San Marcos with Elm Street, 2 Tall, and G Blazin'. All ages.

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