Horror in Hillcrest

"As far as I know, this is the only [club] in town that is run by a band," says Dorian Tucker, guitarist in Jezebel. With keyboardist/guitarist Nathan Everett and bassist Mike Croft, Tucker produces Suspiria every Wednesday at the San Diego Sports Club in Hillcrest. Suspiria (named after an Italian horror film) was launched in January so that Jezebel and other local bands would have a home base in a no-cover setting.

Tucker says he wrongly assumed Hillcrest's creative vibe would guarantee success.

"Sometimes you'd come down and nobody would be there." Other Suspiria nights, with L.A. bands such as Shoot Out the Lights and the New Collapse, have thrived. "Our vision is that all local bands and out-of-town bands we like can have a place to play and hear each other's music."

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