Head Wound City

Bass player Justin Pearson (the Locust, Some Girls) was struck in the forehead with a pint glass at North Park's Whistle Stop Bar October 9.

"I was DJ-ing and that girl felt compelled to continually try to talk to me," Pearson said in a recent phone interview. "She was wasted.... I was kinda humoring her, saying, 'Oh, cool, thanks. I'm glad you like what I'm playing,' or whatever. She tried to tell me I was hot and all this crap.... When I was relieved from my shift DJ-ing, I was talking to a couple people and she came up to me again....

"I really wasn't feeling up to talking, and I just told her that she was trash and to get out of my face. She got really pissed. I was, like, 'Look, I don't have time for this kind of shit. I watched you make out with two dudes, and I think you're gross.' She threw her beverage on me and then I turned around to get someone else's drink off a table to throw at her, and she clocked me in the head with the tumbler, and I bled and that was that."

The glass didn't break on Pearson's forehead; it smashed when it hit the ground. He was left with a bloody gash for which he didn't seek medical attention because he doesn't have insurance.

"I think the last time I spoke to her, actually, [was when] she came to a Locust show in the Bay Area. She came in the men's bathroom and asked a friend of mine and me if we wanted to watch her pee as she sat up on the sink and pissed in the sink."

Pearson pressed charges before leaving on a five-date Some Girls tour on the East Coast. At press time, no warrant had been issued. Pearson's Head Wound City EP comes out this month.

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