Vinyl Fever Flare-Up

Hillcrest's Off the Record closes its door on Fifth Avenue tomorrow (...to reopen June 4 on University Avenue in North Park). About a block away, record junkies can still get a fix. Thirsty Moon Records opened a month ago.

"Everyone was tired with what they were doing," says Mike Eginton. "Jeff [McDaniel] worked for the city. Mario [Rubalcaba] worked for skateboard.com. I didn't have a job. I needed something to do.... We basically bought what we like -- '60s psychedelic, kraut rock, garage funk, and soul."

That music mix sounds a lot like the Swami Sound System show heard Saturdays at 10 p.m. on FM-94/9.

"He's bought some records here," Eginton says of Rocket from the Crypt founder John Reis (a.k.a. Swami). "He's done a little advertising on his show for us." Shop partner Rubalcaba drums for Rocket...and for Hot Snakes and plays in Earthless with Eginton (a bass player).

Eginton says Thirsty Moon has about 2400 units -- half vinyl, half CDs.

"Vinyl has always been there. It never really left. It outlived cassette tape and eight-track and, now with MP3s, it may even surpass CDs."

Don't look for any Thirsty Moon in-store appearances.

"We couldn't fit a band in here," says Eginton. "If we did, there wouldn't be any room for anybody else.... We have a much smaller store [than Off the Record]. We're, like, 350 square feet. It used to be a vintage clothing store." Thirsty Moon is between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, behind Rite Aid.

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