Metal in the Groves

"I know for a fact he lives there." Ruggy, the sidekick on the 91X morning show, broke the news recently that Metallica front man James Hetfield lives in Fallbrook.

"My sister works in Starbucks," said Ruggy. "[Megadeth guitarist] Dave Mustaine came in and told her that he lives in Fallbrook and that Hetfield lives a couple blocks away."

A spokesman for Hollywood's Benchmark Entertainment, which manages Megadeth, confirmed that Mustaine "lives in the San Diego area." Penny Palmer, a Warner Bros. Records publicist, said, "[Metallica] management has no comment on their artists' living arrangements."

The unincorporated town east of Oceanside and south of Temecula has had its share of high-profile citizens, including current residents Connie Nelson (Willie's ex), singer Rita Coolidge, Weird Al Yankovic's now-deceased parents, and famed racist Tom Metzger (who now lives in Escondido). "Goldberg the wrestler lives in Fallbrook," said Ruggy, who graduated from Fallbrook High in 2000. "He's in Fallbrook all the time. Patrick Swayze has a horse ranch in Fallbrook."

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