The Hot Snakes release

The Hot Snakes release of The John Peel Sessions -- only on 7" vinyl -- "sold so well that we had to put it out on CD," says guitarist John Reis.

Other indications of local interest in vinyl: In March, Cattle Decapitation's 1999 debut, Human Jerky, was re-released as a vinyl picture disc; The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower's Love in the Fascist Brothel was released on CD and in LP form in February, after vinyl rights were acquired by 31G; local label GSL started a vinyl collectors' "Singles Club" with new wax released each month (April's record was by Go Go Go Airheart).

Manual Scan's five-song 7" EP Plan of Action, from 1982, will soon be reissued by Spain's Munster Records. It will be limited to 1000 copies. "I recently sold two copies of the original to two different people in Japan for $225 each," says onetime Manual Scan singer/guitarist Bart Mendoza. He says he isn't worried about the reissue ruining the collectibility of its 1982 forerunner. "There simply aren't that many of the original around. And the new version is desirable on its own.... The real collectors want them both."

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