It's a Crime


Location: 660 K Street, Gaslamp Quarter

Time/Date: 1:45 a.m. on 6/5/05

Investigation: Officer Ramirez #6056 and I responded to a radio call to take custody of Ryan A. A. had been placed under citizen’s arrest at the Altitude Sky Bar and Garden Lounge for not being able to pay a $301 bar tab. The bar is owned and operated by the Marriott Hotel. The bar manager, Adam K., made a citizen’s arrest at 1:45 a.m. We arrived at the Marriott and took custody of A. at 6:30 a.m.

Statement of Adam K.: Ryan A. ordered drinks. His orders included two bottles of Dom Perignon. A. paid for the champagne by charging the bill to Room #1119. I checked with the occupant of #1119. That person had not authorized any purchase, and was a stranger to Mr. A. A. was starting to leave the bar. I stopped him and confronted him about the room charges he made. He had no money or other means to pay the bar bill.

I searched A.’s pants pockets. I found 11 expired room keys from our hotel in his pockets. None of those keys was assigned to Room #1119. A. told me that the expired room keys had been given to him by room service employees at our hotel named “Miguel” and “Alberto.”

Statement of Ryan A.: I was drinking with friends...and a guy named “Baul.” The “Baul” guy said to charge the champagne to his room, #1119. That’s why I charged it to that room. I have been falsely imprisoned here by these Marriott people since then. I didn’t sign that receipt. I don’t know anything about that. They [Marriott security] found one hotel keycard in my pocket. Just one, not 11. That keycard was given to me by “Humberto.” He gave it to me this morning, when I arrived in the lobby. I’m not saying anything else about that.


Location: 640 University Avenue,


Time/Date: 1:10 p.m. on 6/6/05

Officer’s Investigation: I was driving westbound on Washington Street near its intersection with Lincoln Avenue when Stephen P. flagged me down. P. directed me toward James R. R. was walking eastbound in front of P. I stopped R. to investigate the possibility a crime had just been committed or was being committed.

I learned R. and P. had been involved in an altercation. I checked with dispatch to see if they had received a call for service regarding this incident. I was advised they had. R. was believed to be the suspect so I handcuffed him for safety while he was seated. Officer Howell #4543 and Officer Belz #4983 arrived to assist.

During the investigation, I learned R. had struck P.’s arm with a PVC pipe.

Statement of Stephen P.: I am the owner of the Community Prescription Center. I came into my business today and found the suspect in the store. He had been in before asking for syringes. I told him he had to go. He said there was going to be a problem if I told him to go. He was holding a large soda and threw it in the air. The soda splattered on the ceiling, register, etc.

Today, when I came in I saw the suspect already there and he tried to get me to help him. The suspect was screaming and turned to walk out of the business. He grabbed a sunglasses display rack and knocked it over. I followed him outside and the suspect pulled a pipe out of the ground. The suspect started swinging the pipe at me. I raised my arms to defend myself and he hit my right forearm with the pipe, causing pain.


Location: Corner of Carlsbad Boulevard and Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad

Time/Date: 10:46 a.m. on 5/28/05

Report: Officer Eric Hoppe attempted to stop a black Nissan Maxima...for an equipment violation. The Nissan failed to yield and accelerated to approximately 90 miles an hour. Shortly thereafter, the car ran off the roadway and down the center-divide embankment of Carlsbad Boulevard north of La Costa Avenue. The vehicle landed upside-down and the three occupants ran from the vehicle.

A female in a Toyota minivan, who was driving north, stopped to observe the incident and the suspects forced her out of her van. The three suspects jumped into the minivan and fled. The minivan was equipped with LoJack and the van was tracked to the 300 block of Santa Fe Road, Encinitas.

As the Encinitas-based deputies arrived on scene, they found the car unoccupied. At about the same time, deputies received a report of a female wearing a red shirt that committed a burglary in a nearby medical office. The female, Simona M., was determined to be one of the occupants of the Maxima and she was arrested.

The female victim of the carjacking was not injured and the Nissan Maxima was determined to have been stolen from La Mesa.


Location: 466 West Washington Avenue, El Cajon

Time/Date: 9:00 a.m. on 6/3/05

Incident: The victim was in the parking lot taking his two-year-old daughter to daycare. When he exited his vehicle, a silver 2005 Ford Explorer, three males approached him. One of the males demanded the victim’s car keys and wallet and indicated he had a gun. The victim gave the suspects his wallet and car keys, but told them he wanted to get his two-year-old baby girl out of the car before they took it. The suspects looked into the vehicle, then gave him back the car keys. Then they went through his wallet but when they saw he had no money, they also returned that to him. They fled on foot down South Johnson.

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