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Thirty Years Ago Marie Callender's used to be a place where you could dine for less than $3, and, if you limit yourself to one and only one item on the sandwich menu, or chili for $1.40 or chicken pot pie (served after 8 p.m.) for $1.95, you can still keep to this budget. But it takes Herculean strength to resist the pies, which cost from 75¢ to 90¢ a slice. This means that if you order a hamburger without cheese, a slice of pie, and a beverage, you are paying over $2.50 for what is virtually a "nosh" or snack. -- "THE QUEST FOR SOMETHING SMALL," Eleanor Widmer, June 12, 1975

Twenty-Five Years Ago In the Democratic primary, county voters preferred President Carter over Senator Kennedy -- just the opposite of statewide Democratic voters. The only local exceptions of note were in the Mexican-American precincts; voters in the area of 22nd Street south of Market Street in Sherman Heights went for Kennedy over Carter 50 percent to 46 percent; voters in the precinct encompassing Chicano Park in Logan Heights voted for Kennedy 52 percent to Carter's 39 percent; and people in the Westside barrio of National City near the Casa de Salud health center preferred Kennedy over Carter 60 percent to 32 percent. Carter, on the other hand, was strong in the black-voter precincts of southeast San Diego. -- CITY LIGHTS: "VOTERS," Mark Orwoll, June 12, 1980

Twenty Years Ago Every so often we gave each other new, rather odd nicknames. The previous week my best pal had been "FloTrain" while I had answered to "Rugghead." This week, we were to be "Cosgrove" and "Port-O-Bod." Cosgrove and I had sworn to make the summer of '68 one to remember. That meant scouring the beach for nubile lovelies who would find us irresistible. Cosgrove and I decided to become Gods of the Surf. -- "THE LONGBOARD RIDERS," John D'Agostino, June 13, 1985

Fifteen Years Ago I have been living in this San Diego for 37 years, and what can I do. All I have to do is leave the house, whether it was for what I thought would be a morning of pleasant shopping or even to run a little errand and every place it seems I just turn around and Reader, Reader, Reader! Stacks of them sitting there, and the worst of it is they're free so even children could be vulnerable to the kind of trash which the great laws of this country have so generously allowed you to publish. -- LETTERS: " SHE'S DREAMING," Maxie Bauer, June 14, 1990

Ten Years Ago One time Jack visited his brother Chris and Cindy when their oldest daughter, Catherine, was three years old. Jack went to church with Cindy and Catherine while Chris stayed home working. During the service, Catherine started fidgeting. Cindy lifted her shirt and Catherine nursed for awhile. After about five minutes, Catherine popped up and in a voice that rang through the hushed church said, "Other side please, Mommy!" Jack was mortified. When he told Chris about the incident, Chris said, "Oh, that was nothing. Usually she says, 'Other nipple please, Mommy.'" -- KID STUFF: "MESSY, YES. TITILLATING, NO," Anne Albright, June 8, 1995

Five Years Ago I asked if Sedaris continued to be amazed at his success. "They called me last night to tell me that the book is going to be on the New York Times bestseller list. The last book did well, so I just figured that this one would be a flop. I'm surprised that people would still be interested in that character who is me. But I can't imagine why. That's one thing. I can't imagine why. I don't know. Maybe it bears some resemblance to their lives. Maybe they like the fact that I'm just a normal person, that my life isn't much different than theirs. My life is not glamorous in any way. I mean, it's nice living in Paris. But my life isn't that interesting." -- READING: "ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY," Judith Moore, June 8, 2000

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