Beach Boys Control Media

When the Beach Boys play Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay on Sunday, June 5, the venue isn't allowed to report box-office totals "unless the concert is a complete sellout," whereupon "it must be reported to all industry-related newspapers and magazines, i.e. Billboard, Performance, Pollstar." And "no form of media advertising...shall include the word 'oldies' in conjunction with the artist's name or logo."

Expected backstage munchies include a dozen bananas ("a must"), 25 pieces of "boiled and peeled high-quality shrimp with cocktail sauce," three half-pound bags of M&Ms ("2 plain, 1 peanut"), a jumbo bag of Freedent spearmint gum and a bowl of white ("not red") pistachio nuts. Supplies: two rolls Viva paper towels ("must be very soft"), a carton of Marlboro Lights soft-pack cigarettes ("not 100s, not in a box, this is an essential item"), a box of Betty Crocker Homestyle microwave popcorn and three cans of Copenhagen long-cut dip tobacco ("not more than one week old"). For most dates, the Boys require "availability of the service of a licensed masseuse or masseur qualified in either Swedish or Oriental deep-tissue muscle massage." (From three riders posted at entertainment-law-attorney.com and thesmokinggun.com)

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