When the Pixies play Street Scene at Qualcomm Stadium, the "male dressing room" (Frank Black, Joey Santiago, David Lovering) needs a sliced smoked salmon platter, a tin of Suisse Mocha International Coffee, a veggie platter "with hummus," and a cheese selection "to include roule" (flavored with herbs). The 48 beers must be nonalcoholic and any bottled water is okay, except Aquafina. The guys also want eight packs of foam earplugs ("yellow sponge ones"). Kim Deal's dressing room requires only still water, spring water, and a 12-pack of nonalcoholic beer.

When Hank Williams, Jr., performs Bayside Concerts with Viejas on Tuesday, August 2, he expects "one stretch limousine (no older than two years) with driver for the exclusive use of [Williams, Jr.]." The purchaser also has to tip the driver ("a minimum 15 percent"). Besides regular security, he wants "an additional armed, uniformed police officer in his own vehicle" to escort him "from the hotel and/or airport to the concert site and return." The band dressing room requires a case of Budweiser ("cans only"), a half-case each of Coke Classic and Diet Coke, a six-pack of Nestea Natural Iced Tea and a half case of O'Douls nonalcoholic beer. The side-stage area needs another case of Budweiser cans and three four-packs of Gatorade ("cans if available"). Another two cases of Bud are expected to be loaded onto the band bus. According to concert promoter Bill Bieloh, the junior Williams also used to include a gold Rolex watch among his list of backstage demands. "They did that just to see if we were actually reading [the contract]. I caught it and called them, and they said 'don't worry about it.' If I hadn't called, I would have been on the hook for a Rolex."

(From moondancejam.com and thesmokinggun.com)

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