Great Wall Acid Drop?

"We could have played China. Danny gets calls to play gigs all the time. But he's so humble. He won't take advantage of the situation."

Trevor Christ, an ex-pro surfer, plays bass in two bands with fellow Encinitas resident Danny Way. Way just became the first person to jump the Great Wall of China on a skateboard. On July 9, Way, traveling at nearly 50 miles per hour down a 120-foot vertical ramp, cleared the 61-foot gap at the Ju Yong Guan Gate of the Great Wall, before landing on a 32-foot quarter pipe.

"We've played together for ten years," said Christ. "We've played in all kinds of bands, from death-metal-punk to light, jazzy blues." Way plays lead guitar.

"He's back home now," said Renee-Renee, who sings lead in both their bands, Backlip and Laybac. "Danny's in New York now to do Letterman and the Today Show... His ankle is all black and blue [from the jump]."

Renee says the five-man Backlip has a "classic-modern-punk" feel, while the four-piece Laybac has a "mellower, Jack Johnson vibe." Last year Backlip played the Belly Up, the X Games in L.A., and the Tempe [Arizona] Music Fest.

Christ says Laybac is the band that will probably get active when Way returns to focus on music after the summer. "Everything is on hold now," said Christ about Way's new post-China commitments.

Although Way has a personal manger, Christ says neither band has an agent or a manager. "But we've started talking about it." Renee said he and Way have written 30 songs together.

"We'll play as soon as [Way's] ready," said Christ, who used to tour and record with Donovan Frankenreiter. "I don't know how long his body can last [skating like that]. He thrashes himself every day."

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