When Eminem plays Coors Amphitheatre tomorrow, Friday, July 22, he wants his dressing room stocked with a half case of Heineken, six cans of V-8 juice, 12 cans of Myoplex Low Carb Drink ("assorted flavors"), a case of Mountain Dew ("cans"), six cans of Low Carb Protein Shakes ("with bananas"), some mixed candies ("chocolates"), and "assorted mixed nuts." Co-headliner 50 Cent expects a case of Heineken, a case of Coke ("cans"), a dozen assorted Snapples ("no diet"), a deli tray ("with condiments"), a "sliced cheese tray," two buckets of fried chicken ("KFC or Church's"), and "soft toilet paper."

Stevie Nicks, appearing at Coors Amphitheatre Saturday, July 23, requests a bottle of Remy Martin V.S.O.P., two bottles of Mouton Cadet wine ("white"), a six-pack of Corona, eight one-liter bottles of Evian water, and "hors d'oeuvres for 20 people (prawns, beef kabobs, ribs, spring rolls, Chinese food, etc.)." She requires spotlight operators to "have English as their first language," and "under no circumstances shall the house use any motorized or electric blowers for cleaning until three hours after the show ends."

When Ted Nugent plays the House of Blues on Wednesday, July 27, "absolutely no takeout meals will be deemed acceptable" backstage. Stage right, Nugent wants a six-pack each of Evian water and Diet Coke, plus two Gatorade bottles ("lemon-lime"). The dressing room needs eight Vernors ginger ales, four cans of Red Bull, six bottles of Clearly Canadian water ("mixed flavors"), six cans of Slim-Fast ("four chocolate, two tropical fruit"), a can of Planters fancy cashews, a large bag of Rold Gold fat-free pretzel thins and a box of "man-sized Kleenex."

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