Lizard History

Thirty-eight years ago tomorrow, in 1967, Jim Morrison -- once a student at Clairemont's Longfellow Elementary School -- appeared with the Doors at Balboa Stadium. It was the band's first appearance in Morrison's former hometown. His parents still lived in Coronado. At the time, the Doors' first album was fresh in the bins and Morrison's naval officer father had risen to the rank of rear admiral. Reportedly, his parents did not attend this, or any other Doors concert, in San Diego.

The Doors played three other San Diego concerts with Morrison; their last show was on August 22, 1970, at the Sports Arena. After Morrison died, they returned to Balboa Stadium one more time -- August 13, 1972 -- for a taped performance widely circulated among Doors concert collectors under titles such as Turn Me On, Dead Man, and Break on Through Balboa.

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