When a cow joined the band

Hi Matt:

I was recently doing some deep thinking on the origin of the cow bell (as a musical instrument). I can't figure out if it's the chicken or the egg. Did we put the bell on the cow or did we steal Bessie's trinket?

-- TM, the net

First time man hit thing with stick to make a musical sound: way, way, way long time ago. First things made from metal that might be hit with a stick to make a sound: 10,000 years ago. Cows, goats, sheep, horses domesticated: 5, maybe 6000 years ago. Metal noisemakers, including bells, stuck on Egyptian and Asian domesticated animals to ward off evil: 3000 years ago. Multiple tuned bells stuck on grazing goats by Greeks: 2500 years ago. Cowbell removed from cow, added to percussion armamentarium in Cuban dance bands: 70, 75 years ago. Cuban dance bands take New York by storm: 55 years ago. War records Low Rider: 30 years ago.

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