A Florida Newspaper Writes

A Florida newspaper writes, "Louis XIV, a San Diego foursome set to release its major-label debut on Atlantic in April, is better when it locks into a tight, retro groove: Big, dumb, loud rock 'n' roll...there's enough clanging guitars and snot-nosed vocals on Illegal Tender to provide the T. Rex fix and enough ambitious theatrics to bump the band off the tired assembly line inspired by the Strokes. Oh, all right. The grand gestures on the closing 'Louis Reprise,' a five-minute mishmash of distorted guitars, funhouse voices, hillbilly fiddles, Dobro, and trumpets, is embarrassingly ambitious. It sounds as though these guys are trying too hard, though the rudimentary drum solo is the most primal thing this side of Ringo Starr on Abbey Road... Louis XIV hasn't perfected its sound on Illegal Tender, but this is a band to watch, even with the rough edges."

Orlando Sentinel, February 4, 2005

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