A Local Firm, Genius Products, Inc.

A local firm, Genius Products, Inc., is licensed to produce music CDs based on PBS's popular TV show for preschoolers, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, which hit retail shelves this month. The CDs will feature songs from the television series along with new compositions. Genius Products has also produced music discs for My Little Pony, Paddington Bear, and Curious George.

Jay Jay's plot concerns a six-year-old jet plane who travels a lot. The show airs in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

Genius's Trip to the San Diego Zoo ($9.95 suggested retail) features "the first giant panda born at the zoo."

Klaus Moeller, CEO of Genius Products, says local acts are welcome to contribute new Jay Jay--inspired music for upcoming projects.

"I imagine a lot of local musicians have kids and watch the show.... We can't afford big-name acts anyways, and there's no money in contributing a song, but we'll get [songs] professionally recorded, and the CDs will be offered individually and in multipacks in tens of thousands of retail stores worldwide. That's pretty good exposure."

Porchlight Entertainment (producers of the show) and Genius retain all ownership rights pertaining to songs appearing on Jay Jay CDs.

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