Onetime Grateful Dead Mainstay Bob Weir

Onetime Grateful Dead mainstay Bob Weir brings his band Ratdog to 4th & B Wednesday, February 9, demonstrating he's gotten over his longstanding grudge against the city, or at least against its police department. "For the longest time, we [the Dead] didn't [perform] any closer to you guys than Irvine. Not because of the venue accommodations but because we couldn't stand the thought of giving the cops down there another shot at us." That first shot took place July 1, 1980, when the Dead (supporting their Go to Heaven LP) brought out the tie dyed and squinty eyed to the Sports Arena. From alongside the stage, Weir, Dead drummer Mickey Hart, and manager Danny Rifkin witnessed police arresting a patron for marijuana possession. "We tried to step in and get the cops to leave this poor guy alone.... I'm not even sure [the police] knew who we were at first. All of a sudden, they were pulling out more handcuffs, and we were getting arrested too." Booked for "suspicion of inciting a riot," the trio had to return to San Diego to face charges several weeks later. "The charges were reduced to misdemeanor something or other, and we ended up paying a fine.... We couldn't believe what fascists they are down there." Weir confirms rumors that the Grateful Dead essentially boycotted San Diego from subsequent tour itineraries. "We didn't wanna set the kids up to be busted by a bunch of gorillas with no education, who hate rock and roll music.... I've gotten over it now. All those cops are probably gone and I'm still here."

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