Music Can Cure Diseases

Music can cure diseases, according to Dr. Jason Liu (Ph.D., O.M.D.) at the Mind-Body Science Institute on Camino de la Reina. "Through pulse reading, the doctor is able to know everything about your health condition," says institute literature. With this knowledge Dr. Liu "uses acupuncture meridian-stimulated melodies and brainwave-simulated sound waves to heal the mind and body."

When I ask Dr. Liu about his degrees, he tells me that O.M.D. stands for "oriental medical doctor," and he got this degree from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. His Ph.D. is in neuromuscular pathology, and he received it in "central Japan" (he declined to name a specific university).

Dr. Douglas Lane (with a Ph.D. in music therapy from Temple University in Philadelphia) calls Liu "a new-age marketing exec, not a doctor...despite whatever degrees he may have." While concentrated soundwaves have proven medical benefits in removing blockages and similar applications, Lane says, "Claiming that vibrations and melodies can 'heal' is a suspicious claim at best. As for curing mental problems, well, I can be all stressed out and listen to a Doors album, and that'll make me feel pretty good too. That doesn't mean the cause of my stress has been relieved, and it certainly doesn't mean I've been healed in any way."

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