Former San Diegan Michelle Williams

Former San Diegan Michelle Williams can be seen on the CD cover to the soundtrack of Wim Wenders's latest movie, Land of Plenty, but she won't be viewable in North American theaters anytime soon because the movie has no distributor.

Williams is best known for her role as Jen in Dawson's Creek; her first major motion picture was as the young female alien in Species. Lately, she has been focusing on the independent films But I'm a Cheerleader and The United States of Leland.

Land of Plenty had a screening at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Sunday, January 16, but it has no future showings locally. The film is set a year after 9/11 and is about a delusional Vietnam vet running around Los Angeles looking for terrorists. Williams plays his Christian niece who gets caught up in her uncle's conspiracy theories.

Dominque Navarro, set designer on Land of Plenty and San Diego local, introduced me to Wenders, who told me, "All the distributors have said there is no definable market.... It wouldn't play to the liberal crowd because of the Christian element, and it wouldn't play to the conservative crowd because of the liberal political views.

"So while you can't find the movie, you can get the soundtrack through Amazon," Wenders added, handing me a copy of the CD, also available from Sony Music's Sine label.

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