Fan Power

"I started off with no idea of what's involved in putting on a concert," says Debbie Siegelman, "but [Dougie Maclean] hasn't been in San Diego since a 1998 show at the La Paloma Theatre, and I wanted to see him."

Siegelman is such a fan, she contacted the Celtic singer/songwriter through a publicist. She says she will front around $6000 to bring Maclean's solo show to the 492-seat Sherwood Auditorium in La Jolla on February 12.

"The hall wanted $1500...the North Park Theatre has 700 seats, and they wanted $2500 to $3000 for a whole night, and Symphony Hall was asking $20,000."

Siegelman won't disclose how much she'll pay Maclean, but the musician requires a $1500 deposit. And, she says, "I'm still looking into insurance. The permits are covered by the venue, and Ticketmaster takes their fees off the top." With only about 25 tickets sold at $29 each in the days before Christmas, she says, "His shows usually sell out, so I think I'll do least I'll probably be able to get him to do a few of my favorite songs by request."

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