Swingin' Times

Ocean Beach--based Cape May has always drawn well at the Casbah, according to lead singer Andre Che. Yet, Che's band hasn't played the club since November 2004.

"We've been trying to contact [club owner] Tim [Mays] to get shows since June of 2005, about once a month," says Che. He suspects the lack of returned phone calls may stem from a New Year's Eve 2004 incident outside the venue.

"I was arguing with my girl inside because the Maiden Taiwan girl [a local rapper] apparently gave me a lap dance. I don't even remember. At that point, I escorted [my girlfriend] out to get a cab home. We continued arguing outside, and then I tried to go back inside. The doorman told me I couldn't come back in. I disregarded his demand, as I felt I had not crossed the line in any way at that point. Then he pushed me outside and I swung at him and I landed a haphazard punch. The owner [not Tim Mays] came outside and told me to shut up and be nice and I told him where to stick it, pretty much."

Six months passed with no contact between the club and the band. Che claims he then decided to go to the Casbah and apologize to the doorman.

"The guy was cool. He said, 'No big deal.' I then wrote a sincere letter of apology to Tim Mays. It was heartfelt and extensive, but it received no reply." Che says Mays has "always been cool to us." The Casbah declined to comment.

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