Love Is Blind Melon's

At Blind Melons on November 11, "We had just finished playing a song, 'The Way Sean Drives,' where I make fun of his crazy driving," says Revenge Club singer Amy Paddick of bass player Sean Lawson. "He got down on one knee right there on the stage and proposed into the microphone! I said 'yes' onstage, but off-mike I told him I was gonna kill him." The duo plan a spring wedding in Las Vegas.

Paddick (formerly of the all-girl band Brag Doll) says the Blind Melons gig was more pleasant than the one at downtown's Honey Bee Hive on November 4; a fight in the audience resulted in an early finale.

"We just stopped in the middle of a song. Our drummer's friend was getting punched out there, and [the drummer] ended up jumping into the audience to join the fight." Paddick says police were summoned, and although no arrests were made, "That closed the bar down."

Revenge Club appears December 17 at the Zombie Lounge.

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