In Memoriam...

"She had no idea it was coming." That's what one insider says about the firing of 91X DJ Robin Roth, who's known for her black wardrobe and fondness for Goth artists such as Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. Roth worked at the station since 1986. A Patrick Henry High grad, she began in radio at UCSD's station, KSDT. She outlasted seven program directors and three owners. A fourth owner, Finest City Broadcasting, is set to take over 91X, Z90, and Magic 92.5 from Clear Channel in two months.

Incoming 91X program director Kevin Stapleford took responsibility for releasing Roth. "It was the most difficult decision I had to make," he says. "We want to bring 91X back to its position of market leader, and you can't expect better results by doing things as they have been done." He says Clear Channel has allowed Finest City to come in and run the stations even though Finest City does not yet exist as a company.

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