The End, No Doubt

On July 25, Jim Morrison's parents won their lawsuit against Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek; a permanent injunction prohibits the two former Doors members from using the name that made them famous.

Octogenarians George and Clara Morrison (who have lived in San Diego for about 50 years) filed their suit in April 2003. It alleged that the two ex-Doors "maliciously misappropriated" the band's name and logo in order to market "a new band that they recently organized with two other individuals that have never been associated with the original Doors band."

The parents of Jim Morrison's late common-law wife (who share with the Morrisons a 25-percent ownership stake in the Doors) filed their own lawsuit against the new Doors. Drummer John Densmore, another 25-percent partner, was also a plaintiff.

"It didn't have to come to this," says the Morrisons' attorney, Jeffrey Forer. "We asked [Manzarek and Krieger] in January 2003 to respect that 50 percent of the partnership disagreed with what they were doing.... [Manzarek and Krieger] made millions of dollars as 'the Doors of the 21st Century.' "

L.A. Superior Court judge Gregory Alarcon ordered the duo to pay into the Doors' partnership all profits accrued from Doors of the 21st Century tours and merchandise.

Ray Manzarek, in an interview posted August 5 at, said he, Krieger, and singer Ian Astbury would begin calling themselves D21C. However, post--August 13 gigs listed on Manzarek's website bill the band as Riders on the Storm.

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