Corporate Rock Albums Sound Better

Fifteen years ago tomorrow (8/19/90), Nirvana played the year-old Casbah. This gig (a year before the release of Nevermind) has appeared on two bootlegs. The first to surface featured only 46 minutes of the band's 17-song set and is missing the last 5 songs ("Stain," "Negative Creep," "Blew," a bluesy jam, and "Verse Chorus Verse"). In March 2003, a more complete and better-recorded version surfaced; it's 62 minutes long, but with almost a minute of "Dive" missing (complete on the older, poorer-sounding version). Dave Grohl was not yet with the band (he joined in September of '90); drummer Dale Crover played San Diego and a few other West Coast dates.

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