¡Ay, Frankie!

San Diego crooner Frankie J's next single will be a remake of Extreme's 1991 ballad "More Than Words." "I don't think anyone's ever done it in Spanish before," says the 24-year-old. "I'll be doing an English version, too, but I really want to get back to my roots.... My next album will be all Spanish. We're trying to get [a duet] going with Shakira.... I never met her, but I tried to hook up with her at a CD-signing in New York. I couldn't get near her, but I put out the word to her people."

On any such recording, J should be sure to enunciate clearly. Two of his songs are singled out at www.amiright.com for being "Misheard Lyrics," including a line from "Don't Wanna Try": "You kept insisting and resisting that you would not fall again" can be misheard as "You kept insisting and resisting that you would not fornicate."

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