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Thirty Years Ago At the other extreme, you find the "modern country-western nightclub," like the Alamo in Clairemont. There's a bowling alley that runs the length of the hall, which advertises a special of three games for a dollar and a quarter -- after midnight only.Walking into the nightclub is somehow like walking into a beating heart, à la Fantastic Voyage. It isn't the heat and noise of the hundred-odd occupants, but the red lights casting their glow over the plump red booths and pink walls, turning every blonde to strawberry, giving every skin the hectic flush so popular in porno flicks. -- "LOST IN THE CORN PONE AGAIN," Anne Hutchison, August 7, 1975

Twenty-Five Years Ago I look at the names of the horses. If there are two French names, I pick the two French names. If there's two Spanish names, I pick them -- if they sound right. You match the names together. Like a horse by the name of Wind. What goes with Wind? Flyer. I'd pick Flyer. Wind-Flyer -- they match. It works for me a lot.

Hania Hamm, Hairdresser -- OFF THE CUFF: "HOW DO YOU PICK A WINNER? (DEL MAR RACETRACK)," Lin Jakary, August 7, 1980

Twenty Years Ago Hedgecock is the sort of person who says, "Let's go. I don't know what's out there, but let's go in that direction. I'm so confident of my capabilities and skills that whatever happens out there that might involve public policy, I'll make it right." He's an intelligent person. He's fearless even now. I used to compare him to Nixon, but I think that Nixon feared how history was going to regard him, and I don't think Roger cares. -- "JACK ORR TAKES THE FLOOR," Paul Krueger, August 8, 1985

Fifteen Years Ago The San Diego Trolley's bayside line, which started life in 1983 as a campaign pledge by then-mayor Roger Hedgecock, carried its first passengers six weeks ago. But business has not been robust. Trolley officials claim that up to 500 people ride the new line each weekday, and 2000 climb aboard on Saturdays and Sundays. Others contend that it isn't uncommon to see a mere five or six people riding entire two-car trolleys designed to hold up to 300 passengers. A recent inspection of the bayside line during Friday afternoon rush hour revealed ghost trains plying the route; no more than ten people waited at each of the large station platforms. -- CITY LIGHTS: "A FINE LINE," Matt Potter, August 9, 1990

Ten Years Ago Sherman funeral rites had their own logic. When one of Rios's best friends was killed with more than two dozen shots by a rival gang, 200 people showed up for the burial. Rios remembers Miguel's body lowered into the grave as his homeboys filed by and tossed in marijuana, PCP, and beer. "All I could think about was revenge -- to get back at the people who did this," Rios recalls. When the funeral was over the Shermans met with the Lomas gang and planned their attack.

"There were about 400-some people. We were gonna go down to Logan Heights because we heard they were having a masquerade party, and we were gonna go and shoot everybody." -- "TRAVELERS THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD," Jory Farr, August 2, 1995

Five Years Ago "Absolutely sterilized" jars is her primary commandment; you wouldn't want a home-canned good to be your last meal. "You have to be so aware that botulism can happen. I wash my jars by hand, not in the dishwasher, then hold them up to the light to be sure I got every speck. And you need to let them air- dry. Can you imagine all the germs that are on your dish towel? Those germs are something and a half." -- CALENDAR: "LIMES SO CRISP THEY MAKE YOUR EARS RING," Jeanne Schinto, August 3, 2000

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