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The Observer, the campus weekly newspaper for Notre Dame and St. Mary's colleges in Indiana, wrote last month, "Unwritten Law's latest [is] better left unwritten.... With the recent release of its sixth album, Here's to the Mourning, [the band's] latest bid upon the public makes one want to lobby for the album to be repealed. The album features an array of guitar-heavy, vocally driven songs that ultimately fail to impress.... [It] teeters on the verge of making one believe it has meaning, but insufferable lyrics and recycled riffs prevent one from making that mistake. Beyond implying that the men of Unwritten Law skipped class during DARE, the album's artwork and lyrics imply a confused, and at times awkwardly obsessive, relationship with drugs...Here's to the Mourning is not egregiously bad, but the $15 one would shell out for it would be better spent on a burrito and a couple of sea monkeys."

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