"If Blink was the Daytime, Plus 44 is the Nighttime"

"If blink was the daytime, Plus 44 is the nighttime," Travis Barker told MTV News. Barker and former blink-182 bassist/singer Mark Hoppus are recording with a new band called Plus 44. "I play...electronic drums, plus I play piano and keyboard on it."

The name Plus 44 refers to the country code needed when placing a phone call to the United Kingdom -- that's where Hoppus and Barker first discussed the new band. Hoppus told MTV News, "We have a girl singing part of the vocals. She and I are trading off vocals. Travis is going on the Warped Tour with the Transplants [Barker's other band with Rob Aston and Tim Armstrong; their new CD is due in stores May 15], and we'll record up until he leaves. And if the record's done at that point, we'll release the record later this year."

The girl singer he neglects to name is Carol Heller, formerly of the California all-girl punk quartet Get the Girl.

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