Until my boss says something like, "Hey, Carrot Juice"

"Until my boss says something like, 'Hey, Carrot Juice,' when someone buys the CD," Lindsey Troy says customers buying Louis XIV's new CD, The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, at the local Music Trader have no idea she's singing backup on the hit "Finding Out True Love Is Blind." (Hey, Carrot Juice, I want to squeeze you away until you bleed.)

As for how Troy, 18, got that plum assignment, "I met them a year and a half ago at a Casbah show. That's when they were just writing the song. They asked me to record the part."

Troy appeared with Louis XIV March 26 at their sold-out Soma show, but she does not tour with the band. She said guitarist/pianist/vocalist Brian Karscig usually handles Troy's high parts on the road.

Troy and her sister Anna, 21, were signed to Elektra Records. They recorded an album, but Elektra never released it. The sisters now perform separately.

Lindsey Troy appears May 22 at Lestat's. Anna Troy appears at Humphrey's April 21 for a CD-release party and April 30 and May 1 at the Adams Avenue Roots Festival (www.gothere.com/adamsave).

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