Best of 2003: Best Wheelchair View Of A Movie Screen

Hillcrest Cinemas
3965 Fifth Avenue, Hillcrest

Vern scratches his head as a 737 makes thunder over his O.B. yard. "Hmm...I'd have to say Hillcrest theater," Vern says. "Because there's space for your chair in the back -- right next to chairs for the people that came with you. There's lots of chair room, too." Though modern multiplexes offer adequate space for wheelchairs, "you have to sit close to the bottom -- too close to the screen," says Vern. "So, even if you're the first one in there at these new theaters, you still get screwed with a lousy view. Some people may not like sitting in the back [at the Hillcrest]. I enjoy it. But," Vern's brow furrows, "the only thing is, the Hillcrest plays a lot of foreign films, so if you're not into foreign films..."

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