Best of 2003: Best Place To Eat Like You Did In Oaxaca

Aqui Es Oaxaca
Avenida Cuauhtemoc Sur Qte. 212-5 (across from Hotel Palacio Azteca) Zona Río, Tijuana

You'll find the most authentic Oaxacan cooking in our general neighborhood at the "Here's Oaxaca" restaurant in Tijuana. All the regional specialties, including several types of mole sauce, and substantial appetizer platters are available for grazing. The Entremes del Biche Pobre appetizer follows the model of the comida típica sampler of Oaxaca's renowned restaurant, El Biche Pobre. For a crowd of three or more, there's the "Oaxaca marketplace" sampler called Canasta Oaxaqueña, a fascinating platter of meats, vegetables, and cheeses, which includes tasajo, cecina, chorizo, quesillo, rellena, rabanos, aguacate, chapulines, cebollitas, and tlayuda. Chapulines are sautéed grasshoppers, but they're minced so finely and salted so thoroughly, you'd never guess their species.

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