Best of 2003: Best Historical Archive Of Local Rock Concerts


    This site is a reference list of San Diego rock concerts from the 1940s through 1999, plus reproductions of handbills, ticket stubs, and photos from performances and press conferences. "I was too young to see Led Zeppelin at the Sports Arena in 1977," says Jon Moore. "I was curious to see where they played, so I started researching at the downtown library back in '93 by looking at upcoming concert sections in the Reader from 1973 to 1999. I noted as many ads and reviews as I could. Then I started with the San Diego Union-Tribune archives and followed up with SDSU's Daily Aztec. I think I'm up to 2200 shows, but I stopped at December 1999. I've got that century covered. I'll let someone else do the work for the next." Be sure to click on the link for the posters. The Ike and Tina Turner Revue at the El Cortez and Jimi Hendrix at the Sports Arena are among the gems.

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