The cool side of the pillow


Why do we always turn the pillow to the cool side?

-- Snoozer, the net

Sorry, Snoozer. That's not the name you signed. We put your question under our pillow to see if the Answer Fairy would leave us a clue, but I guess she took the question with her when she left. Anyway, you know who you are. And we know why you always turn the pillow to the cool side. Aside from keeping your insides in and the outside out, your skin is also a big radiator, pumping off excess body heat from your blood to keep your juicy inside bits from turning into steamed pudding. One body spot that brings blood vessels and skin close together and efficient for radiating is around your head and neck. So when you're trying to get to sleep on those long, hot nights, your blood is zipping around picking up heat and dumping at that all-important head-neck-pillow nexus. Once your pillow hots up too much, you flip it over to feel the (relatively) cool side on your face and neck. And you keep flipping until you're exhausted and fall asleep. But I gotta go. I put a big bag of frozen shrimp around my neck to keep my brain cool, and Grandma wants them back for lunch.

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