Why do Canadians pay so much more for stuff than we do?

Hey, Matt:

Why is it that "WE" who live in the United States need to know what "THEY" who live in Canada pay on consumer items/goods???? (i.e., greeting cards/flower vases, etc.) And why is it that "WE" are the ones who seem to be getting "THE BETTER DEAL" when it comes to the "sticker price"? Are "WE" just cheap or are "THEY" just "RICH"? And (if the latter is true). . .should "I" just become a "THEY"? Hey, hey, hey! Thank you in advance for your thoughts (ponder, ponder) and (possible) response (hint. . .hint) to this earth shattering, EVER so important question of mine.

-- Tammy Huntridge-Hocking, aka "fayedog," Carlsbad

Hey, "FAYE-D"! "WE" no get "BETTER DEAL"! Amazing but TROOOO (yes, yes)! "WE," that is, "US" in the U.S., South of the Border (ol', pardner) pay (oh do we pay) in American dollars. Greenbacks. Dead Presidents. "THEY," North of the Border (brrrrr, eh?), pay in (gasp!) Canadian dollars. Maple leaves. Dead Beavers (ponder...ponder). Your magazine here in America (the Beautiful, man) costs $3.50 in familiar bills. In (Oh!) Canada, it will cost $5.50 in low-key, polite, funny-looking Canadian bills. It's called "EXCHANGE RATE," Dog (ooooooh, big, strange economics term). One U.S.D. equals 1.57 Canadian Ds, one of the things that makes it fun to visit Canada. That and the fact that the average Canadian isn't armed. Two (count 'em: 2) prices on the cover of your mag mean ya don't have to print two (count 'em 2) different covers, saving plenty of USD (dough, doe, doh!)

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