How many presidents stank up the White House with cigarette smoke?


Other than an occasional victory cigar, we've never seen pictures of our U.S. presidents with a cigarette in their hand. Were there any modern-day presidents that actively inhaled while in office?

-- Ken, Cardiff

I can maybe see W junior chewing on a bubble gum cigar, but he's not likely to stink up the Rose Garden with tobacco. However the list of presidential puffers is surprisingly long. One of the most famous pictures of Franklin Roosevelt shows him smiling broadly and clutching a cigarette holder (with glowing butt) between his teeth. When the Trumans moved into the White House, they probably had to dry clean the drapes; Harry was a nonsmoker. According to the Truman Library in Missouri, Harry once received a letter from a man who collected cigarette butts from famous people. The president wrote back saying he was sorry but he couldn't oblige; he had tried smoking once when he was a kid, out behind the barn in Independence, but his dad caught him and whupped him good, and he never tried it again.

According to the Tobacco Institute, the industry mouthpiece, Dwight Eisenhower smoked, as did Lyndon Johnson, the last daily cigarette smoker to fog up the Oval Office. They also say Richard Nixon was an ex-smoker by the time he was elected. The Museum of Tobacco Art and History in Nashville contends that Nixon remained a champion cigar smoker. They also say JFK was also an ex-smoker who switched to a pipe and cigars, though Jackie was a chain smoker big time. There's no photographic evidence of that, since White House camera corps was barred from snapping the First Lady sucking on a butt.

Gerald Ford was known to smoke a pipe occasionally. And many candid pics of Ronald Reagan from the '40s show him with a pipe in his hand, though it never appeared to be filled with tobacco, so it may have been just a prop to give him an air of distinction. It works in Hollywood, why not in Washington? Reagan's best known connection to the tobacco industry was a series of magazine ads from the '50s that show him toking on a Chesterfield. But Ronnie acquired his jelly bean jones when he quit smoking cigarettes, so he wasn't a smoker when he tottered into the White House. Clinton, Carter, Truman, and the Bushes are the only smoke-free presidents in the modern era.

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Obama is definitely a cigarette smoker. He had been a big pot smoker in high school and college. He likely smokes pot in the White House, as potheads cannot ever give it up for long. This really harms the national effort to get people to stop smoking to have a president who doesn't condemn smoking in both words and actions. Smoking kills millions of Americans each year and destroys the health of countless others here and around the world.

If you've never been a heavy cig smoker, you don't know how difficult it is to quit. Many of us KNOW that battle from personal experience.

I smoked for eight years, and I quit the only way anyone can ever possibly quit... stop buying cigarettes, stop putting them in your mouth, stop lighting them. Yeah, you feel cravings for a while, and then you have to battle the habit for months. I quit drinking for a long time, as having a beer made me want a cigarette. But all I had to do was not do anything, and I was fine.

Anyone who tries to quit any other way is doomed, because they aren't really quitting.

Actually, you're incorrect. You CAN quit by using the nicotine patch. I did it that way. So have many others.

You can't wean off with gum or patches....it as to be done cold turkey. All at once. You have to get busy. Go for long walks. Take up gardening. Go to the library. Go to a yoga class. Meditate. Go to the laundromat. Start washing your clothes with baking soda. Get the smell out. Get some essential oils. Get strong citrus smelling oil. Open your windows when it's warm. Throw away all of your ashtrays.Throw them outdoors. Take daily showers. Brush your teeth morning and before bed time. You have to get away from the smell. Don't allow smoking in your house. But it can't be done gradually. It has to be done in one fell swoop and you need to get everything smoking-related out of the house, and wash all your clothes with baking soda. And see how amazing everything smells when the nasty odor of burning tobacco is gone. Cravings? Nothing you can do. They're going to happen. But they will go away. It might be a week. It may be two. Don't let them take you down.Just drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of watered down G'torade (water it down to reduce sugar intake). Don't put gas in your car and then ask for a pack of cigarettes when you inside to pay.Go get a Perrier water instead. Change your lifestyle. Keep hanging plants in the house. They put out a lot of oxygen and will help you feel more energetic. Drink hot chocolate. You don't need to put milk or sugar in it. After it cools down then you can drink it without a hitch. Eat oranges a lot. Keep your hands busy peeling, sectioning and eating. Make sure you take a multivitamin every day. You can let it soak in water for awhile to soften it for easy digestion. Like I said, it's fascinating how great everything is going to smell. And how gross smokers smell when you walk by them. And then you wonder how you ever let yourself smell like that. And make a promise to yourself that you'll never let yourself smell like that again.

Oh please. Marijuana is not physically addictive... most people can smoke it and stop all they want. Psychologically, that's another thing, but you will not go into withdrawal from pot.

Well, at least you got that one right.

Marijuana use disorders are often associated with dependence—in which a user feels withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug. Frequent marijuana users often report irritability, mood and sleep difficulties, decreased appetite, cravings, restlessness, and/or various forms of physical discomfort that peak within the first week after quitting and last up to 2 weeks.19,20 Marijuana dependence occurs when the brain adapts to large amounts of the drug by reducing production of and sensitivity to its own endocannabinoid neurotransmitters

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