Please tell me it's not legal for motorcycles to split lanes on the freeway.


So I've been waiting in traffic or maybe driving along at 40 mph, and a motorcycle blows by playing Inagaddadavida on the dummy bumps. And then I see the CHP doing the same thing. It sure seems dangerous. My daughter says that motorcycles can split lanes because they might get overheated. But I know if my 1973 Pinto gets overheated, I'm supposed to pull over to the Ford dealer and pay $200. So, before I do something irrational, is this legal or not? Is there any state (of mind or otherwise) where it's legal for a motorcycle to split lanes.

-- Paul Benton, stuck in traffic?

It's legal in the state of mind they call California. According to the CHP, it is legal simply because it's not specifically prohibited by the Vehicle Code. But just as soon as some legislator realizes this an unregulated area of life, I'm sure a bill will be drafted.

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