A Thanksgiving dilemma


I've got two calendars. One says Thanksgiving this year is November 28. The other says it's November 21. Which is right? The calendar that says it's November 21 this year says it's on November 20 next year. When is Thanksgiving next year?

-- Confused Gobbler, the net

Yikes! Whered'ja get that November 21 dud? The Fourth of July's in June, right? We foolishly believed that Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, but come to find out it's really on whatever day the president says it is. One of the prez's duties, in addition to sparing the life of the White House turkey in front of assembled cameras and microphones, is to declare when we will celebrate Thanksgiving each year. So if George in that wiseacre frat-boy, haw-haw Texas way of his decides to throw Macy's a curve and declare December 1 Thanksgiving Day, he seems to have that power. Stay tuned.

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