Is there anywhere in San Diego where women can see men dancing for women?

I have seen in San Diego boys dancing for boys, and women dancing for guys. Is there anywhere near where us females can see the men dance for US? (example: Chippendales)

-- Jan Lyons, San Diego

Women do get the short end of the strip-club stick. San Diego is loaded with joints where, all day every day, guys can sit slack-jawed at a bar, nursing drinks and feeding bills into some gal's G-string. Sounds like so much fun, I couldn't figure why women wouldn't demand a similar opportunity. For answers, Ma Alice put us in touch with an old friend we'll just refer to as Deep Cleavage. I think they shared a cell together back in '73. Anyway, Ms. Cleavage says the standard answer to why a seven-day-a-week strip club for women would fall flat on its buns of steel is because women just aren't turned on enough by naked men to make such a club economically feasible. Men, the common wisdom goes, are more visual creatures; put any random babe in front of them and eventually they'll ask her to take her clothes off. And they will come back many times a week to do this. Women are turned on by more subtle things, like romance and a story line. Women require production values, not just sequins and a spotlight.

There is also the opinion that women need something like a special event to give themselves permission to watch men take off their clothes. They won't drop by every day after work and hoist a few and stare at the merchandise. Once a club can get the women inside, they really cut loose and have more fun than the men appear to be having, but it's harder to lure them through the door in the first place. A ladies' strip club might survive in a place like Las Vegas, where you have hordes of tourists and a new crop of women to entice every few days, but in a town like San Diego it would never fly.

Anyway, your best bet to get a juicy beefcake on buns would be the Main Attraction in Oceanside (939 No. Coast Highway, 760-722-7123). They have offered ladies' nights the last Wednesday of every month. But you must call first, because the schedule changes. And if that doesn't suit, get your gal pals together with some Mary Kay or Tupperware as a cover story, look up "Entertainment, Adult" in the phone book, and hire your own.

Hot Babe with a Beef

From "T (Bring on the Beef) B" of San Diego comes a nuclear e-mail re: our analysis of strip clubs for women. "Your reply was something like, 'Women aren't like men; [men] like to look, women are touchy feely.'... I'm tired of men acting like they're the only ones with a sex drive. Like men can go out and **** any woman they see, while we sit home and knit. I am almost 23 years old, and I can say for a bunch of women that we like to see naked men like men like to see naked women." Actually, I said women turn a strip club into a special event -- a big, wild party. Men are willing to sit alone at a bar night after night nursing beers and staring at strippers. There's a difference.

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