Best of 2001: Best Used Telephone Guy

B&C Company
1135 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach
619-222-3334 or 858-490-4376

Bob Nourani collects used but perfectly good, common telephones, reconditions them and sells them at about half what your new systems would cost -- and you don't have to sign up for five years of megabuck programs. "Mobiles? Don't want anything to do with them," he says. What's more, he knows what's happening inside a phone and can actually repair them for you right there, without sending them off to Timbuktu or telling you just to buy a new one. Though he sells new phones, some of his best deals come from office systems he buys and dismantles. You might not be able to stuff them in your pocket, but they sure make your home office look -- and sound -- impressive. "Line 23, Ms. Jones!"

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