Best of 2001: Best Hike Into Another World

    Canyon Sin Nombre

    Take I-8 east past the big grade and turn off at S2 in Ocotillo (not to be confused with Ocotillo Wells) and go north until you hit mile marker 51.3. A small sign on the right reads "Canyon Sin Nombre." Park in the turnout and follow the hiking boot track marks east down the hill. Very likely you will pass some of the biggest jackrabbits you've ever seen. As the trail winds northward past desert vegetation -- most notable are the huge ocotillo plants -- you will notice cliffs rising around you. As you enter the slotted area, shafts of sunlight come down from above. You can follow the slot to the top, but it's easiest to get back to your car the way you came. The hike is five miles round trip, takes three-plus hours, and is not too demanding. But this is not a hike for summer. Bring water, snacks, and a full gas tank.

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