Best of 2001: Best Hard Rock Hairdos

    Collage Menage

    Identical twins Hans and Fritz Jensen have fronted Collage Menage for over ten years. "We have become a live video extravaganza by combining everything in the show we can, like a collage of audio and visual stimuli. Our goal is to entertain in a fun and unique way that will hold an audience's interest in our show." Proudly proclaiming themselves to be "The Jesters of Rock," both brothers still play the same loud hard rock, change costumes between songs, and sport Ted Nugent-length hair hanging past their armpits. "We feel that audiences expect a total show, and that includes the way we look," says guitarist Hans. "Swinging your head and jumping around -- right away that creates a rock and roll image -- David Lee Roth, Steve Tyler, Robert Plant -- it sets the mood for a definite type of performance. In a way, my hair is another stage prop. And photos that catch us with our hair flinging all over definitely make it clear what kind of band we are, even if you've never heard our music."

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