Best of 2001: Best Go-Kart Ride

Fun Farm Go Karts
408 Hollister, Palm City

Mark Williamson has been running his go-kart circuit since he was in high school in 1966 and his dad bought a dairy farm on Hollister and turned it into a little fairground for kids. Mini Ferris wheels, petting farm, pony rides, and go-karts. He told Mark to design the tire-curved circuit for him at school -- and within the bounds of the farm's fences. Mark did. And it's exactly the same now -- except the Ferris wheel and the petting farm have gone. "They were too much trouble," says Mark. But the go-karts go on. Five-and-a-half horsepower Hondas with big steel bumpers that max at 20 mph. "Guess I got the track right, 'cause we haven't changed it," Mark says. "And now third-generation kids are coming with their grandfathers. It's a good feeling." The only thing that's changed is the price. A little. Used to be $3 for five minutes. Now it's $4 for six minutes. "Except Thursdays. On Thursdays we give them the old price."

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